What about vaccinations? 

  • Thoughts for parents regarding immunizations and vaccinations

We understand that as parents you have to make many decisions regarding your child’s well-being. One such decision will be regarding immunizations and vaccinations.

As your child’s healthcare providers we trust that your decisions should be based not only on recommendations by professional organizations e.g. as the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and/ or governmental agencies e.g. CDC (Center for Disease Control). Those entities give directions and recommendations to professionals and parents. However, it is our opinion that in order for you to make an informed decision you may need to avail yourself of information other than what seems to be the “norm”.

Why do we share this information with you? Because we have listened to many parents who voiced concerns and felt that information from both sides of the issue would be helpful in their process of INFORMED CONSENT.
Please review the websites listed below or read the books referenced. Remember, an informed choice is the best choice you can make 
for your child. Don’t hesitate to take your time and review the information. Discuss it with your provider and ask any further questions you may have.

Good reference books