Scope of Practice

Prenatal Visits


For the "seasoned" parents promoting constructive family relationships and advice them on preparing older siblings for the new baby is another topic for the prenatal visit.


If the family situation permits we encourage both parents to be present for this important visit. 

A prenatal visit is essential to make parents aware of the importance of a "healthy environment" (in utero) for their growing baby. For first time parents, the prenatal visit also helps them prepare for their new role as parents and possibly alleviate concerns they may have on how family dynamics may change!. A particular emphasis is on the topic of breastfeeding/infant nutrition.

Whether in Wellness or sickness - we are here for you

Periodicity visitis

A fancy name for regular well child visits allows the continued support of the child and the parents. During these visit we share the child’s growth and developmental progress and what the parents can anticipate for their child's further physical, cognitive and emotional development during the next growth period! These "well- child" visits provide the parents (and the child) to opportunity to address concerns that are not necessary "urgent" type of issues e.g. a cough, but more inconspicuous issues e.g. toilette training, bed wetting, temper tantrums, separation anxiety, bullying at school to just name a few.

Sick Visits

When a child gets sick the parents get frightened. Though most situations are not emergencies which would require a visit to the emergency room. Please review the topics listed for your information and to hopefully calm your fears.

Though remember, the information provided does not replace a visit to your provider if you have more questions or concerns.

When your child does not feel well